5 Lights Acupuncture offers a gateway for many to heal their body, clear their mind, steady their emotions and experience higher states of consciousness. 

I consider wellness a journey of Self-Discovery, Heart and Soul. For me healing is not limited to obtaining physical ease or increasing productivity. To be well involves 5 elements: The physical body, the body’s vital energy, the mind, the intuition and our life force. Healing isn’t a journey you take to arrive somewhere. Rather it’s a constant unfolding of awareness- a path open to the curious and followed by those seeking wholeness.
— Amber West

Acupuncture & Tui Na

Acupuncture is a tool that balances and stimulates the vital energy body.  Our vital body is constantly active and informing our physical and mental bodies of the subtle frequencies and shifts emanating from, and coming into, our felt experience.  It is a part of us that many are unfamiliar with.  Acupuncture and energy healing brings our vital body to the forefront of our awareness, giving us a conscious experience of this deep part of ourselves and contributing to the path of Self-Discovery. 

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Sound Baths

It can be argued that our greatest teacher of music is our Heart. The heart sets the rhythm and tone for our life to dance to.  If we pay attention to our hearts teachings we hear the whispers of life's secrets and we come to understand why our ancestors would spend so much time in song and dance. 

Sound baths are powerful tools to harmonize and strengthen our vital energy body, and get us in-tune with our Heart. 

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The wellness journey is a soul journey, one that we each must pursue on our own.  Yet it does not have to be a lonely path.  Deep healing and profound insights of love are often experienced through our connection with one another.

Many people are creating products and resources to help one another on our healing paths.  Here you can find classes, connections, and products I trust and think can be great tools on the path of well being and Soul.

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