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Spiritual Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a powerful modality for helping the body heal, the mind quiet and our emotions clarify. And it offers so much more. Spiritual acupuncture focuses on aligning one’s self with their deep inner Heart center. When the chakras, meridians and other energy bodies are clear, integrated and free from emotional and psychological limitations, we are able to experience our deepest Heart energy. This experience offers us an expanded state of awareness where we can orient our lives around our soul's purpose and our Heart’s desires.


Sound Meditation

Sound Meditations (commonly referred to as Sound Baths) are profound visceral experiences of sound waves. These sound experiences weave together the art and science of sound waves, making for a beautiful sonic experience and an opportunity to increase our well being, reduce stress, spark creativity, and stimulate the innate healing capacity of the body, mind and soul.


5 Lights Acupuncture

When we have an experience of ourselves that is unique the gates are unlocked and we have the opportunity to Heal our body, expand our minds, and our spiritual connection.