Sound Meditations

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Imagine being immersed in beautiful sounds that are healing to your body, mind and soul.  Laying comfortably on a yoga mat in a communal setting, you feel a soft vibration sweep over your body and fill your ears with angelic resonance of crystal singing bowls.  As the sound continues you feel your body sink more into your bones, your breath slows down and you attune to a more expanded state of consciousness.

As beautiful as the sound of the crystal singing bowls is, my intention with playing is not focused on making music but rather to orchestrate a variety of vibrations. As these vibrations are experienced by our body and minds we have an experience that is unique. The sound waves the bowls produce are profound energy movers. Energy is the underlying information that allows us to experience life. This energy is highly intelligent, but sometimes our life experiences can create blocks in our energy flow. When this happens what manifests is an expression of the blocked energy. Sometimes this is as subtle as a shift in mood and other times it is as pronounced as a physical condition.

The healing power of the sound bath transpires in many ways, but it all starts with experiencing the sound waves themselves. The sound vibrations move energy through out our body and minds, allowing awareness of or release of energy blocks we may have and to allow more of a clearing for our intentions.

For many, sound bath experiences lead to more restful sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, increase in stress management, and an experience of heightened awareness.


Types of Sound Meditations

Some sound baths are a still meditative experience where participants rest comfortably on a yoga mat, with blankets and pillows for the duration of the bath.  This allows the mind to unwind allowing many to experience lucid dreaming as the body goes into a deep state of relaxation allowing for healing and integration to occur. 

Other sound baths are meditative experiences while in motion.  Partnering with local yoga teachers and various studios around Seattle, yoga sound baths offer the same benefits of experiencing a deep aspect of oneself, while being in a healing environment.