Acupuncture for Body & Mind 

Acupuncture is unique in that it can compliment various forms of treatment, while also being a powerhouse of a healer by itself. Acupuncture is helpful in facilitating healing of the body because:

  • It boosts the immune system

  • It helps us unwind emotions held within the body

  • It clears energetic blocks that can lead to further physical or emotional symptoms

  • It helps move our energy to the areas that need healing

  • It balances how the energy moves through the body and mind


But more than that, acupuncture is powerful because it draws into motion the natural healing powers of our own body and mind. It cues to our system to heal itself. In this way I’ve observed and experienced how the natural route to healing is honored by acupuncture and stimulates the healing that actually needs to be tended to.

Sometimes pain from an accident is just pain and the acupuncture supports nourishing the tissues and harmonizing the energy fields. But sometimes this pain can be from a trauma that happened decades ago, or is a further manifestation of an imbalance had as a child.

These things may not be something we would think about relating to this new pain, but time after time I’ve seen clients receive acupuncture and then share insights about things from the past and then experience healing. The experiences of our lives are so deeply interconnected, and within them is a vast intelligence. What may seem like just putting needles in the body, is more like tapping into this deep intelligence and honoring this connectivity, giving the body and mind the opportunity to heal through its own light.