Healing Obstacles

Healing starts with removing obstacles. The greatest obstacles being inside our body and mind.

Healing is creating change needed to remove blocks. Anything that is blocked is not whole. Healing is the natural desire to move towards wholeness. 

When we align ourselves with our Heart we intuitively know what our purpose is and our healing path is illuminated. When we know where we are going, then it is just a matter of discovering how to get there.  That process begins with removing obstacles. 

In Chinese medicine there is a saying that the Hun must follow the Shen.  The Hun is the spirit of the liver. In 5 element system the liver is like the General. It’s the visionary, the function in us that makes plans, judgements, assessments and determines the course of action to move forward and accomplish our goals.  It is structure and facilitator.  It is that energy in us that has a sense of the right way to live for ourselves (and often others).  The energetic is the expression of frustration and anger. 

The Shen is the spirit of the Heart.  In 5 element theory, the Shen is the emperor, the center, the Sun.  It is the energy of higher and lower frequencies of love and joy.  When the Shen is awakened we have access to our Higher Heart, a very fine energy/information field.  When a sense of order comes through us, we find the elements begin to relate to one another in a more coherent and integrated way.  As the Heart frequencies strengthen, the lower frequencies of Earth, Water, Metal and Wood bow down and begin to entrain to higher aspects/vibrations. 

Obstacles are simply energies that are denser than our desired state of being. We remove them by raising our vibration, and there are many ways to do that. Here are a few ideas:

  • There is no exercise that will make up for poor eating. You cannot simply burn it off.  A diet of poor foods creates mucus in the body which creates blocks.  Keeping your diet simple, eating organic fruits and raw or lightly steamed veggies in combinations that are few, help empower the body to resolve mucus and eliminate toxins. 

  • Everything is in resonance.  When we are lonely, depressed, in grief, in anger.  When we feel isolated, in pain, or misunderstood. We are experiencing a vibration. Be curious about it. Spend a few minutes tuning into it, listening, perhaps having an inner dialogue with this part of you. Hold yourself gently with your mind as you do this.  Then move your body. Change your scene.  Listen to upbeat music.  Change your vibration. The combination of tuning in with loving kindness and curiosity, and then intentionally uplifting your vibration is much like a mother consoling a child after the fall off their bike.  If there is too much dwelling on the pain from the fall it can smash out the courage to try again.  If there is too little attending to the pain it can smash out our natural humanness.  If we tend to ourselves with just the right amount of both- love/tenderness and strength/discipline to make a change – then we find one level of the meaning Hun Follow the Shen.

This process of refining ones energy to a higher vibration is spontaneous yet effortful. It takes focus, yet arises from nothing.  We can sabotage it with our actions, yet the reason for doing has a lot of wisdom in it. We can only be where we are, we can only take action from what is experienced in this moment.  As the Zen saying goes, chop wood, carry water.

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Preparing for a parasite cleanse

There is a myth about parasites that you only get them if you travel to third world countries.  In my experience this is not true. Most people have parasites and most people would feel the benefit of doing a parasite cleanse.  There are many parasite cleanses out there. I recommend taking herbs called Support the Mountain by Dr. Mikio Sankey, that are formulated to kill parasites and their eggs.   

It can be beneficial to plan out a cleanse.  Here’s what I recommend:


If you have or had pets at any point in your life and are in a position to maintain a clean diet for 3 months, I would do an initial 3 month cleanse that would consist of a clean diet and herbs.

If you are not in a position to do it for 3 months, you can do a shorter cleanse, but I recommend at least a month.

If you’re on a spiritual path doing an initial 3 month parasite cleanse followed by a yearly shorter cleanse could be beneficial.

Getting Ready:

Before you start the herbs you will want to transition off alcohol, meat and dairy.  If you consume these things frequently, then I would have at least one week free of them prior of starting the herbs.  If you have excess heat in your system you may want to cut out coffee and possibly cut down heating spices/foods such as garlic, ginger, onions, etc.  You want to plan to start during a week that is low key. As in, don’t start a parasite cleanse the week of a stressful work or family event, etc. Plan it for when you think you’ll have time to rest if needed. 

A parasite cleanse stimulates the liver and detoxing effects.  Because of this, you may get headaches, be irritable, tired, foggy headedness and achy as the body starts purging toxins as well as orients to the vibration of the herbs and diet changes.

During the Cleanse:

To start the cleanse you will maintain a light diet free (or little) of meat, dairy, sugar and alcohol. These substances create a lot of damp and heat in the body. The herbs are very strong and quick energy movers.   When there is excess damp heat in the body the effect from the herbs is not pleasant and most people feel worse detox effects.

You start by taking 1 herb capsule 2 times a day between meals and after a few days, if you feel fine, increase to 2 herbs 2 times a day. If you are doing one month, keep this dosage until the bottle is finished, which should be about a month.  If you are doing a more thorough cleanse, continue taking the herbs between meals, completing up to 3 bottles (about 3 months worth).

During the cleanse you may find parasites exiting your body.  This is usually done through the bowels.  

Parasite cleanses aren’t appropriate for everyone.  If you’re interested in doing on, let’s chat!

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