7 day simple gall bladder cleanse

Here is a simple 7 day Liver/Gallbladder cleanse.  Even if you maintain a relatively clean diet, cleanses are beneficial to do a few times a year to help keep the body optimized.  For those on a spiritual path cleansing the body is an essential aspect of transforming consciousness.  Regardless of your motive, it is helpful to keep in mind that many things, subtle and not so subtle occur during a cleanse.  This cleanse is simple but it moves a lot of energy, so good to plan out and do it a week you don’t have a lot of obligations and can take some quiet time.  Cleansing is always an opportunity to go deeper into our spiritual heart center, which of course is hard to do when we have a lot of things demanding our attention look outwards instead of inwards.

Plan for 7 days. On the 7th day you will need to stay home, with easy access to a toilet,  so be sure to run all errands, etc. before.

During this cleanse the only thing you need to really stay away from is dairy.  Though I also recommend no alcohol, and if you eat meat, to choose lighter meats, such as fish/chicken vs. beef.  You might find that nut butters are also too heavy.

Day 1 – 5:  Take 1 malic acid w/ mag tablet 3 times a day.  

Day 6:  On day 6 mix 4 TBSP of Epsom salt with 3 cups of hot water. Dissolve the salt. You’ll be splitting this into 4 doses. Between 4-6pm take 1 dose of the Epsom salt mixture. I recommend drinking it quickly.  You’ll want to stay home after this first dose as you’ll  may have urgent bowel movements. 

At 8pm take the second dose.

Still on day 6 – at 10 pm mix ½ cup of the highest quality First Cold Press Extra Virgin olive oil you can afford. With ½ cup of citrus – lemon or grapefruit is ideal.

Day 7:  First thing in the morning take another Epsom salt dose.  2 hours later take the last (4th) dose. Stay home, take it easy. 

In this cleanse the malic acid softens any gallstones you may have, and the magnesium stimulates the colon to release it.  This energetically cleanses the wood element allowing for stagnation to be released and energy to move through its natural cycle with more ease.

BodyAmber West