Esoteric Acupuncture Grids

Acupuncture is an interesting modality because the knowledge of the practitioner and the client, as well as the intention of giving and receiving, alters the effect. This is quantum physics. What is observed is altered by what is observing it. 

{Side story…I had the interesting experience of meeting Dr. Richard Tan once.  He was very well known for the way he used acupuncture for pain. He could put a few needles in someone and immediately their pain would disappear.  If clients came to him as often as prescribed he claimed it would never return.  In class, when we tried to follow his instruction our results were inconsistent at best.  Why? Not because it was a class full of beginners. Most were well seasoned acupuncturists. I think it was because we didn’t have the same knowledge as he did as to why the system he created worked.}

I think the real magic of acupuncture lies in its ability to raise our vibration by aligning all aspects of our being- body, mind, emotions, soul, and spiritual centers.  This allows us to expand our consciousness.  In short expanding consciousness means embarking on a soul journey. It is said that the soul journey then leads to a higher spiritual journey.

Each acupuncture point on the body is a field of information. They are more than just a command code to our physical vessel.  They are morphogenic links that send a code to all aspects of our being.  Morphogenic means not linear. It’s more like each point has a certain frequency and that vibration sets off different cues in the body, mind, spiritual centers, etc. 

In Esoteric acupuncture, these morphogenic fields (acupuncture points) are needled together to form a grid.  The grid is a geometrical shape.  The needles are inserted into specific points, for specific reasons, in a specific order.  They are then removed in a specific order when the session is complete.

The geometric shapes have an interesting effect.  It creates what’s called a Spin Field. In quantum mechanics Spin refers to the rotation of a particle around some axis.  This rotation is intrinsic. Spinors are characterized by the specific way in which they behave under rotations. They change in different ways depending not just on the overall final rotation, but the details of how that rotation was achieved. * {This is why the particulars of which acupuncture points and the order they are needled will have different effects.}

A spin field contains information, magnitude and direction of a particle.  When we activate a spin field through our energetic system we experience this information and magnitude changing as the momentum of our energy is accelerated. This means, in addition to the acupuncture points themselves having a resonant effect, the overlaying geometrical shape, when needled in a certain way, with certain points, also releases information that is helpful as we journey along our inner soul and spiritual heart purpose.