Supporting Wellness


Acupuncture is perhaps one of the most unique forms of medicine available to us now as its greatest power is when it’s focused on wellness verses disease.  It’s not that acupuncture isn’t extremely helpful for strengthening the body and mind as it goes through the process of disease, acute injury or chronic conditions.  Its effectiveness in orienting to these conditions has been time tested.  But now we are in a time when there is a great opportunity for many people to be shifting their attention away from illness and dis-ease onto wellness. 
Acupuncture thrives at supporting wellness for many reasons.  It stimulates the immune system which keeps the physical body health, it can clear energetic blocks which can lead to physical and emotional manifestations, it calms the nervous system, protects us from energetic attacks, and so much more. But I think the real power of supporting wellness is how it gives us the opportunity to really listen to our inner self.  The experience of this kind of deep listening allows Silence to fill our experience.  Silence is a very deep part of us and has an incredible Intelligence.  When our mind honors this Intelligence it unlocks the wisdom held in our energy field that is being activated by the acupuncture needles.  In these experiences we have the potential for great healing and expansion to occur.