"When the leaves turn green I'll be comin home."

In Chinese Medicine there is an understanding of energetic phases that govern life. Spring is a reflection of Wood energy, it manifests as profound new growth, rebirth, creativity, courage, planning, and visioning. Physically Wood energy manifests through the Liver & Gallbladder systems. When these energies are blocked in our mind or emotions, frustration or even anger can arise until a new path through is discovered. Sometimes we hold onto frustration even after a new way is discovered. These irritations can get buried under months or years of our rational mind moving beyond them. But at some point these irritations remind us they are there and give us an opportunity for new growth within our minds and hearts.

The spiritual saying, "When the leaves turn green I'll be coming home" was coined by Dr. MIkio Sankey, and reflects that when there is a balanced relationship between the energies of Wood (frustration) and the energies of Fire (Love), the opportunity for our personal plans and self agendas can release and become agents of our Hearts, giving service and support to our Inner journey and spiritual process. Here, we have the opportunity to integrate our day to day tasks and goals with our deeper purpose.