chasing the cosmic fire

Sometimes it's in the most unexpected moment when Stillness captivates me. It could come through in the middle of washing the dishes, or listening to music, or being with people.  Or it can happen in meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices.   No matter the conditions that allow it to arise, the kind of Stillness I'm talking about is Transcendent.  It moves me beyond my identification with my body, emotions, and thoughts.  Sometimes it lasts quite some time, but sometimes it's just a flash.  Regardless the duration, when it is experienced there is no question where it comes from.  There is an inherent knowing that it is of the Heart.  I bet you've had experiences like this too.

The question I sometimes hear is, "what do I do with it?"  What does it mean to have these kind of experiences?  I am not a spiritual teacher, but I do enjoy experiencing, witnessing and spiritually discussing about the relationship between Transcendent experiences and energy.  

These kind of experiences are opportunities.  Openings.  Offerings.  In the moment of Stillness our energy field is refined, we become aware of what we were not before.  Sometimes this comes with certain "Aha!" insights.  Sometimes this comes with Nothingness.  But regardless of what the mind distills from it, energetic experiences like these are like downloads of new information.  What we do with that information (energy is information) is up to us. 

If we are moved to chase it, we will find ourselves naturally Lightening up.  This can, and often does include, having a natural desire to eat whole, organic, unprocessed foods.  Eliminating toxins in our life.  Our thoughts, conversations, perspectives will move toward lightness, optimism, joy and love.  And making changes in our day to day to allow for inner  self cultivation.

This is part of our self work that take us beyond our habits and  refines our energetic body.  As this happens there is a natural arising of kundalini.  When this happens naturally, consciousness expands.  If kundalini is forced, complications usually arise.  Many great healers and spiritual people become very ill or have great difficulties as a result of forced kundalini.  The refining of the pathways to allow kundalini to rise naturally is a journey that is better to take with patience then to short cut it.  When kundalini arises through the very central layer of the sushumna nadi we have the opportunity for it to jump the esoteric synapse and connect into our higher chakra centers, or fields of consciousness.  In Chinese Medicine this is the receiving of Celestial Fullness.  Here our Inner Fire refines into Cosmic Fire.