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A Spring Meditation:

Come into a laying position in a quiet space.  Get comfortable. Maybe a blanket, a bolster, etc.  If you can do it without a pillow, that is ideal.  If that's uncomfortable, use a pillow :)  

Close your eyes and in your minds eye, draw gold light into your body entering from the crown of your head.  Guide that gold light with your minds eye down your spine all the way to your tailbone.  Pool the energy of your body with the gold light at the tip of your tail bone.  When it feels natural, release your energy and guide the gold light back up your spine and out the crown of your head.  You may feel inclined to do a few rounds of this. 

When you are ready to move on, draw your minds eye to the area of your liver, that section of your lower ribs on the right side of your body.  Breath gold light in and out of this area.  You may find with the exhale comes a natural sound.  You may also wish to place your hand on this area to help your mind stay focused.  Do several rounds of breathing in and out gold light.  

Draw your mind to the area of your spleen which is on the opposite side of the body paralleling the liver.  Repeat the same visualization of breathing in and out gold light into that space.  

When you are ready, hold both the area of the liver and the area of the spleen filled with gold light in your minds eye.  Together draw the gold light and the energy of each area up into your heart space.  Envision the gold light of your heart come forward to meet these golden rays and stream down to fill both areas of the liver and the spleen.  In your minds eye envision the energy flowing as a triangle between the liver, spleen and heart centers of the body.  See the energy rising up through the legs of the triangle while it also simultaneously pours down the legs of the triangle.  Do this until you come to a natural stopping.  

MeditationAmber West
Endocrine Gland Energy Meditation

When we quiet our mind our attention naturally turns to our internal world.  Not necessarily our emotional world, which is naturally entangled with the external world.  Rather it allows us to discover what is underneath our day to day thoughts, feelings, sense of doing, reaction and entanglement with the external world.  When we meditate, we are positioning ourselves to have a certain experience.  What that experience is, of course, varies. Sometimes I sit in meditation and nothing really happens. My mind is just quietly resting in silence.  Other times I experience a profound sense of Stillness.  Other times I go into a deep energetic trance and have profound physical, energetic, visual, and auditory experiences.  For myself I’ve found whatever experience is had in meditation is valuable and something I learn from.

Sometimes it is helpful to start of a meditation with a specific action for the mind to take.  In such as case, I’ve found working with the chakras is a lovely way to kick off your inner inquiry.  The chakras are energetic fields of information that govern the workings of our mind, body, emotions and soul and spiritual contact.  The information dispelled from the chakra fields inform our endocrine glands that in turn direct our biology and psychology through the release of hormones.   

This meditation can be used to focus on either the chakra centers themselves or the endocrine glands.  To start you might want to look up where the glands or chakras are. Print and post them on the wall if easy/possible.  Or just look at them so you have an idea where they are in your body. When you get ready to meditate have the images close by.  Sit or lay in a comfortable position.  Begin by looking at the pictures and scanning your body and see if you can find a sensation coming from the gland or chakra.  Once you find it, close your eyes and take some breaths.  I like to see myself bringing in gold light and exhaling out the old. Sometimes it’s old thoughts, emotions, stagnant energy or even another color.  If you are pressed on time you can do just a few breaths for each gland or chakra, starting at the base (1) and working your way to your crown (7).  When you have more time, I suggest staying on each gland until you feel it is balanced, or have an intuition to move on to another one. 

Chakra centers are located:

1st - Perineum
2nd - Sacrum
3rd - Half way between navel and bottom of sternum
4th - Center of the chest/sternum
5th- Center of throat
6th- Center of forehead
7th- Top of head

Endocrine gland associated with the chakras are;

1st - ovaries
2nd - adrenals
3rd - pancreas
4th - thymus
5th- thyroid
6th- pituitary
7th- pineal

In our culture there is a lot of promotion of using meditation as a tool to manage stress. This is true. But there is much, much……much more to it.  Meditation is a way we can bring our soul to the forefront of ourselves by changing the resonance of our body and mind, and truly enlighten ourselves.  I encourage daily practice of at least 20 minutes so you can get a taste of the jewels within.

MeditationAmber West