A Spring Meditation:

Come into a laying position in a quiet space.  Get comfortable. Maybe a blanket, a bolster, etc.  If you can do it without a pillow, that is ideal.  If that's uncomfortable, use a pillow :)  

Close your eyes and in your minds eye, draw gold light into your body entering from the crown of your head.  Guide that gold light with your minds eye down your spine all the way to your tailbone.  Pool the energy of your body with the gold light at the tip of your tail bone.  When it feels natural, release your energy and guide the gold light back up your spine and out the crown of your head.  You may feel inclined to do a few rounds of this. 

When you are ready to move on, draw your minds eye to the area of your liver, that section of your lower ribs on the right side of your body.  Breath gold light in and out of this area.  You may find with the exhale comes a natural sound.  You may also wish to place your hand on this area to help your mind stay focused.  Do several rounds of breathing in and out gold light.  

Draw your mind to the area of your spleen which is on the opposite side of the body paralleling the liver.  Repeat the same visualization of breathing in and out gold light into that space.  

When you are ready, hold both the area of the liver and the area of the spleen filled with gold light in your minds eye.  Together draw the gold light and the energy of each area up into your heart space.  Envision the gold light of your heart come forward to meet these golden rays and stream down to fill both areas of the liver and the spleen.  In your minds eye envision the energy flowing as a triangle between the liver, spleen and heart centers of the body.  See the energy rising up through the legs of the triangle while it also simultaneously pours down the legs of the triangle.  Do this until you come to a natural stopping.  

MeditationAmber West
Supporting Wellness

Acupuncture is perhaps one of the most unique forms of medicine available to us now as its greatest power is when it’s focused on wellness verses disease.  It’s not that acupuncture isn’t extremely helpful for strengthening the body and mind as it goes through the process of disease, acute injury or chronic conditions.  Its effectiveness in orienting to these conditions has been time tested.  But now we are in a time when there is a great opportunity for many people to be shifting their attention away from illness and dis-ease onto wellness. 
Acupuncture thrives at supporting wellness for many reasons.  It stimulates the immune system which keeps the physical body health, it can clear energetic blocks which can lead to physical and emotional manifestations, it calms the nervous system, protects us from energetic attacks, and so much more. But I think the real power of supporting wellness is how it gives us the opportunity to really listen to our inner self.  The experience of this kind of deep listening allows Silence to fill our experience.  Silence is a very deep part of us and has an incredible Intelligence.  When our mind honors this Intelligence it unlocks the wisdom held in our energy field that is being activated by the acupuncture needles.  In these experiences we have the potential for great healing and expansion to occur.   

Different Vibrations: Family of Origin, Soul & Ghosts

There are many, if not countless, ways the human experience can be described. From an energetic viewpoint we could describe ourselves as oscillating fields within oscillating fields.  These fields are the energetic landscape that is the information giving expression of our body, mind, emotions, soul and spiritual essence. 

Each energy field has a specific vibration.  Vibration is the movement created by information as it is expressed in the material universe.  When these oscillating fields are embedded and entangled with one another we get complex dynamics such as the human experience.  Each field has its own set of governing rules that if we are to live in harmony we must discover and abide by them, or know how to work around them.

Family of Origin
If we are on a path of wellness our gaze becomes increasingly inward as we begin to take notice how different foods and movements effect our mind and body.  We notice what our tendencies of thoughts are, and gain understanding of the experiences that shape our emotional life.  In my practice it’s always fascinating to see how profoundly our thoughts and beliefs effect the body, mind and energy system. It often looks like a fog or even a thick cloud covering the sun as the soul moves to the background and a new matrix of mental matter casts forward. 

If we are paying close attention we may also discover the frequency of the information passed on by family. This family of origin frequency is a permeating field, that often has a strong influence over the body, mind and emotions.  If it has a strong hold on the person, it can often be mistaken as the vibration of the soul.  The healing work then becomes to support, disentangle and properly re-embed the information from the family so that it is not overshadowing or blocking the soul. 

Soul & Higher Heart
In Chinese medicine it is believed that when a person dies the soul ascends through the energetic system of the liver (wood element) into a plane of un-manifest.  When it is time for the soul to re-enter into the manifest realm, it descends via the monadic ray and reincarnates.  The soul holds the record of all past life experiences and the purpose for the current life. 

Healthy development usually starts with getting to know ourselves as our personality. If we’re lucky this process is supported and encouraged by those closest to us at a young age.  As we grow and our capacity increases and our mind mature it is natural to begin have discover ones soul.  If we have a strong experience our soul, situations in our life and our own characteristics can change, often rapidly.  What was once maybe an option or an idea to pursue, now feels like a choiceless sense of “I must.” As the brilliance of the soul shines through it transforms the personality, illuminates the purpose of one’s life and offers a bridge to the higher spiritual centers of our Heart. 

If we tune into ourselves with very quiet minds we can begin to discern between the pulse of our soul and the pulse of our Higher Spiritual Heart.  Just as awakening to our soul journey can transform our life, so does awakening to the Heart’s spiritual journey.

Ghosts, Entities & Such
As our sensitivity increases we may become aware of other subtle souls and energies that may or may not be visible us, but can perhaps be felt or sensed in some way.  If we can perceive them, we can work with these energies by asking questions, or by simply attuning our mind to them.  If we have a quiet heart we will know if the energy has good intentions for us or not. If not, there are ways to clear them from ones space and self.  My favorite way to clear space is to smudge with salt and alcohol and to use copper rings.  If any entities have attached or are hooked into your energy field whatever has been inserted into the energy field must be fully removed (cutting cords is not sufficient) and the field must be mended.

The more we turn our gaze inward the more we increase our sensitivity and expand our self awareness.  This increasing of consciousness is a higher path of wellness.