Energy for Wellness 

Qi is a special form of energy. Energy is a form of information. Qi is the information that governs our body, mind, emotions. It digests the experiences we have every day and in turn informs our body, mind and emotions of what has happened. It is the vital life force that allows us to experience living.


Every moment we are alive we experience an immeasurable count of energetic reactions and manifestations. The human mind cannot possibly perceive the expanse of what it means to be a living being. And yet in moments of deep gratitude and love we know all we need to know about being alive.

Energy for wellness is about these moments of gratitude. Appreciation for our complex bodies, minds, and feelings. It’s about pursuing a life fully experienced, even when it’s uncomfortable. It’s about being held by ourselves and and holding others even in the midst of deep despair. Energy for wellness is an inherent desire that arise from the heart. It is the energy from within us that drives us to dive into the art and science of engaging with the messy spontaneity that nature continues to offer.